Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tips: Searching Installers, Drivers, etc.

I've got tips to you guys don't know where to find installers,computer drivers, etc.

Note: It's up to you to find your own cracks and keygen, Im not into piracy so its up to you and Im just sharing tips.

1. Use Google Search or other search engines, then type:

- Installers/Softwares:
 a. Know what's the softwares' company
 b. Know what's the softwares' name and version

- Computer/Hardware Drivers (should be specific):
 a. Know the manufacturers name
 b. Know the specific numbers found in your hardware (ex. Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller), what you type is like this "Intel 82865G Graphics Controller". You can press in your keyboard "Windows logo + Break or right-click My Computer->Hardware->Device Manager".
 c. Try searching your drivers here: Driver

2. You may find this softwares in free download sites like:
 - and more...

3. use BitTorrent ( - installers/softwares
- download BitTorrent clients before downloading any .tor files

 - ╬╝Torrent (read as micro torrent) -
 - BitLord -

torrent download sites:

4. Using download managers


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