Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Personal Reasons for asking iPad 4 FREE

Owning iPad? hmmm never dream of having one nor buy one but giving it for FREE why not?

Anyways a contest made by Jehzlau Laurente is giving away Apply iPad and asking for "7 Reasons".

These are my reasons if a free iPad give it to me:

1. For mobile game development

- I've been facinated to game dev the day I learned Blender Game Engine and opened my eyes on the unseen process on creating games from design to programming.

I've read a lot of articles on UDK and Unity who has capable of creating 3D games for iPhones and iPad. So inorder for me to learn new things, I must learn for the least experience to use iPad.

2. Gaming Experience

- Same as reason # 1, I'm definitely a gamer it's essential for me to at least experience iPad's gaming capabilities.

3. Mobility

- It's mobility capabilities enables you to use wherever you are, browsing internet search for information while traveling than laptop - it's mobile too but it's touch screen and you need to open the lid before you use.

4. Design UI

- I'm a graphic designer too I want to apply my UI designing talents to this new platform :) (though I'm not that good)

5. The world of Touch
- iPhone devs gave it a breakthrough on creating touch interface on the phone and then gave it another blow to the next level and gave birth of his sibling - iPad and much bigger screen to control with. (It's an old news since a lot of devices today use this kind of technology) but guess what on the next years of development using only a glass phone (same with Tony Stark's phone on Iron Man 2)...

In short, I wanna try the touch interface LOL!

6. Drawing
- Since it is a touch interface why not try to use it like a drawing board or same as Wacom Cintiq tablet haha... For every illustrator artist dream of having Cintiq tablet. I don't know if it has drawing app (but I believe it has :D).

7. I don't have Apple products
- Even the Apple's iPod nor iPhone I don't have on my own, but for the least I tried those gadgets from my friends and a teacher - who I freely borrow his phone and play Spore haha.

I don't know if I have the beast reasons (beast reasons? haha bisaya man ko) but enjoy with it participating on Jehzlau's contest and my very deepest thanks to Sherweb who giving away free iPads.

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Jehzeel Laurente said...

thanks for joining siraniks! hehehe.. good luck sa contest! mukhang marami pang mag susubmit bukas. O_O