About Me

Nash88 is digital home of Alvin Nashif D. Magarang, an aspiring digital artist and a web designer. I love design and it's my passion since the day I start to draw, back when I was a kid. I'm a PC Gamer (the most source of my design inspirations, a web designer, a graphic artist, a layout artist, an animator, and a blogger.

When I'm not at my desktop, I listen to music and play on my acoustic guitar - it lessens the stress from my work. I draw sketches, the most simple thing to do in concept creation and it's my hobby. Taking pictures of environments that has artistic perspectives with my Nokia 6300.

Siraniks is my other name for a blogger, a tagalog slang term and the opposite of mechanic. Because of my curiosity on things on how they work, father often called me "siraniko".

Software I know
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Flash
- Blender 3D
- Notepad++

Language I know
- Actionscript 2.0
- PHP (coming soon)