Friday, February 13, 2009

Flash Drive accident.

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Well it not necessarily that you might damage your USB Flash Drive, It's been 3 years or so since I bought my first very own USB Flash Drive (512 MB that time and it's expensive compared today).

At first that my teacher said that if you pull out your USB might damage or loss any data sent recently in your precious drive without right-clicking on the tray to safely remove your drive.
But I think it's not because when you're done copying/pasting whatever file in your Hard drive to your USB Flash Drive its not necessarily that you will lose your data.

BUT, a half true data loss occurs when you just pulled out your USB at the same time copying/pasting large files from your hard disk or vice verssa.

BUT, it will not damage your disk just your data.

Why I am saying this to you, its because when you are on rush time due to peak hours of your work and a little bit waste of time configuring how to remove your disk or sometimes it wouldn't remove at all.

Its SAFE to just pull out your USB Flash Drive from your computer. But be sure you copy/paste all of your data to disk or hard drive.


Aethen said...

tama! Ako ginabunot ko lang pirmi USB ko lalo na kung nagadali-dali ako. safe na ah basta sure ka na tapos ang transfer ng file. :D

The Siraniks said...

yups that's right... hehe... :D

Padawan Regie said...

yes, but It's a good habit to safely remove our flash drive. pero minsan talagand di maiwasang bunutin kaagad lalo na pag nag-mamadali like what siraniks posted. :)