Monday, November 17, 2008

Friendster, has been hacked.

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Friendster is the biggest social networking site that is more popular in the ASIA, some of them in AMERICA and EUROPE.

Last week, it seems to be one day of maintenance which is normal but it took 1 1/2 day of maintenance and it doesn't repaired that much and upon I login in my account, friends list viewed inaccurately and the bulletin board shows only what you've been posted. Some said that this is due to hacker named "h4x0r-nytmare".

This day I received message from my friend, she said(SMS):
Attention: pls be advised that frndstr sufferd a great damage on dyr site as a computr named "h4x0r-nytmare" had infiltrated their database. Please do not log in or add frnds 4 ds tym, d team s currently recovrng d losses dat wer inflicted. DO NOT LOG IN PARA MAS MADALI ANG PAG-AAYOS, please pass. Tnx!
This serve as warning for some who has friendster account until the Friendster Team would 100% repair the said infiltration.

But this is just a HOAX that a lot of people spread, but in reality as
Goozor says "Rumors has it that it was hacked. FS team says it was due to a power outage."


Goozor said...

Rumors has it that it was hacked. FS team says it was due to a power outage.

Is H4Xor-Nytmare A Hoax?

siraniks said...

Thanks for informing me the right information. I just updated the content.

reynante said...

Yup, I kinda noticed that too. I guess it was a week already. I planned on making an article over on my blog as well. Probably after work. I really hate it when things like that happen. Argh.

xsabrina.chic said...

panu nio ba nalalaman kng sino ung naghahack? lupet naman aw!

The Siraniks said...

Kumakalat kasi ang balita parang chizwiz, maraming nagsasabi na si H4xor-nytmare ang naghack pero sabi ni Goozor hindi sya hack kundi power failure alam mo na pagdi naba-backup ang database sa milyong2x users ang naglologin posibleng magkaron ng ganung problema.

Nasisi tuloy ng mga tao yung mga hackers.