Monday, October 11, 2010

Camel Refreshment Drink - Updated

Updated (02/07/2011):
First and foremost, Sorry for it's not updated and I've been searching for my tutorial files which was been lost and I wasn't able to touch my old computer.

Gladly, I found my tutorial files and re-uploaded high resolution images and now you can see the world, material settings and material preview. Video still waiting to uploaded on vimeo.
Updated (05/17/2011):
I exported this post to for better viewing.

Recently my friend ask me to make them an advertisement for them about refreshment drink. So I took it for a practice since I never try to make advertisement, in short this is my first time to make.

And yeah, the product is fake so don't expect that it will show up in the market. Unless some company will make out of it.

Their product called "Camel Refreshment Drink" similar to "C2 Green Tea".

(Click to enlarge)

First, I'm not teaching you to how to model the bottle.


(This is my reference image, image courtesy from

World Settings:

You can use Approximate settings if you want to, and may look at the differences below:

Look at the red arrows and compare it from the raytrace and see the difference.
It enhance a little bit shading when using the Approximate settings.

The model has four parts: bottle, bottle cap, content and the wrapper.

(Click to enlarge)

1. Bottle and bottle cap - are original models
2. Content - is just a copy from the Bottle model and little bit smaller than the bottle and stored inside the bottle container.
3. Wrapper - is just a copy from the Bottle model only it has no neck and bottom, same as the reference above.


(Click to enlarge)

This is my settings in my model, you can play on your own settings and might be better than mine.

Material Preview with the model

(Click to enlarge)

These are preview when the materials are applied on the model.


(Click to enlarge)

I leave some wrong information so that it proves as a fake product. Search for it :)


This is my setup, same goes with the studio setup I learn from different tutorials from the internet. And use basic lighting setup, the three-point light setup.
As you can see there are 5 lights in my setup, you can add lights as you want to add more ambience in the final render.

Layer 1: Bottle, bottle cap, wrapper, Light A and C, and Camera
Layer 2: Content, Light B, C (duplicate with Energy 2.0, This Layer Only), D, and E, and backdrop.

Lighting Settings:

(Click to enlarge)

This the finished video ad:

Model only:

Music: The Best about C2 Life by SinoSikat


Anonymous said...

You mean I have to have a facebook account to see film?
Not everybody has a facebook account.

a said...

great tutorial!
I cant enlarge some pictures, look at the settings of your materials, watch the preview material with the model, look at the setting of lights. Can you put images with higher resolution? thanks

untouched said...

the images aren't linking to higher-res versions. maybe posting the .blend would also be a good idea

untouched said...

sorry, not all the images are linking to higher-resolution versions; for example, the material settings is completely unreadable.

reynante said...

Nice effect, siraniks! Amazing setup you got there too. Could you provide a direct link to the video though? I couldn't seem to view it. Thanks.