Thursday, May 22, 2008

Office Computer Problems about Virus attacks

I've observed that government offices lack of IT department or computer technicians and their computers have a lot of viruses.

Well here are the tips and guides for them and might solve your problems.

1. Have an updated anti-virus software installed.
Anti-virus helps you a lot and need them updated always, there are a lot of virus/trojans/worms or any type of virus might attack you time-to-time, new virus release everyday or every week around the world.

A good anti-virus in your system can solve your problem especially those virus that will mess your impirtant documents or your precious files inside your computer hard disk.

Search for trusted and current top virus. Trusted antivirus like ESET NOD 32, Kaspersky, Avast, Bit Defender, Avira, and other antivirus you know.

2. If problems persist contact your computer technician and ask for help.
Have a good and trusted computer technician helps you out a lot. But I'll give you an advice on how to get a trusted computer technician:
a. The technician should have professional degree.
b. The technician have gained a lot of experiences.
c. The technician know what his doing.

3. For less cost, ask your friends who knows to repair your computer.
Ask your friends for help is one of the least cost to repair computers.

4. Switch to Linux/Apple/Other Operating System which they don't have any virus.
Linux, Apple, and other Open Source Operating System don't have virus not like Windows Operating System, so it is better to switch. They have a lot of similiraties, Ubuntu Operating System.

5. Research on how to repair your computer and prevent you from attacking virus and to help your office mates.
Google is your friend everytime you search about a lot of things, just google out your problems and take those steps what you've found out.

I hope this guide might help you a lot.


rochelll said...

yup.. they're too stingy on putting their expenses for their system maintenance... that's why they encounter lots of computer problems...

The Siraniks said...

That is why I've made this guide for the employees and other people and wanted to help them.