Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Windows XP Phasing Out!

Come June 30, Microsoft will pull the plug on its very popular Windows XP operating system. This -- despite last month's widely-reported speech by Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmer wherein Ballmer famously said the company could re-consider phasing out Windows XP beyond June 30 if customers so wish -- and despite the 'Save XP Web' petition that garnered wide-spread support mainly from XP fans hankering after the system, should it meet with a sad demise!

It was in September last year that Microsoft said it would stop licensing Windows XP to computer makers, ending retail sales by June 30. Prior to that, the software maker had said it would take XP off of the market by Jan 2008. Now with June 30 fast approaching, it's becoming increasingly clear there are going to be no more fresh leases of life for the operating system.

Talking to a leading business daily, Microsoft India Windows Client Business Group Director Prasanna Meduri said Windows XP would "cease to exist" and that though there's a policy in place for specific segments, Windows XP wouldn't be available to OEMs and general retailers from June 30. System builders would get an extension of six months while new-market segments like low-cost PCs (priced below Rs 20,000) would get an extension till June 30, 2010.

Put simply, this means that if you're about to buy a new computer, you'll get Windows XP only if you happen to buy an unbranded or low-cost machine. In case you should settle for a branded machine costing anywhere above Rs 20,000, you'll have no option but to go with Windows Vista. Meanwhile, it might be interesting to note that low-cost PCs (the kind that will get Windows XP on them for long after June 30) constitute less than 5 percent of the existing market.


Windows XP is better than Vista and other versions of it, Microsoft should be working on the new OS that is better than Windows XP. There are a lot of fans for Windows XP including me and especially the gamers.Because Windows Vista have more bugs than Windows XP.

And if you buy Windows XP then you should buy low-cost computer, the question is What if you would buy high-end pc and change Genuine XP to Vista would you let yourself do that?

It is hard to adjust that government offices in our country (Philippines) and to other countries as well, that still practicing computer operations and skills in WinXP, especially to those who are pioneers to their job and buying new computers. So they'll need to orient again to the new graphical interface of the Windows Vista.

Final Answer:

But for me it's ok, there are lot of pirated winxp to use. And also there are linux and other open source out there.


The Siraniks said...

Well I've just red in the Convergence Forum and post it in my blog to confirm other readers.

They still gonna support the updates till April 14, 2009 for the "mainstream support" and April 8, 2014 for the "extended support"


rochelll said...

well, if they're phasing out XP, then that would mean changing the curriculum of all the schools in the Phils.? but anyway, a lot of pirated XPs are on the loose, even Vista's... for only P80

The Siraniks said...

Well for Vista the problem is that can't run in lower-end systems, I mean at least you have 512MB or more of RAM.

I've found that there are two better solution only that this is hack version of Vista which is more light than the original one. The Vista Tiny is the tiny version of Vista, is the same author in TinyXP.

The other one is Freeware OS or Linux OS/Solaris.