Friday, January 2, 2009

Who the hell was Pablo Banila!?

The answer, "I don't know yet".

First I found him out frequently viewing my friendster profile (Thanks for visiting my profile) and clicking his profile too, but redirect you to his blog
Still yet not done reading all of his blog articles.

He's became a superstar of people's comments, as so many people visiting his blog for making bad or good comments. He always view other profiles (friendster,multiply, even deviant art, and any other community-based websites).

He uses different accounts in with different photos and usernames, each of his accounts will redirect you to his blog or his

He said, "Pablo Banila has crushed on you, that's why he visits your website" some kind of...

Top 10 thoughts:
1. This is some kind of viral site?
2. An internet virus?, probably not because virus attacks on system(desktop,device, etc.) not on the internet nor your browser.
3. This is some kind of a prank/joke?
4. He has no friends and finally found internet for searching friends.
5. Is he really like to become a star who wants to become famous?
6. Does he invented a scripts for testing purposes? Something like in Googlewares.
7. School project or a thesis?
8. KSP (Kulang sa Pansin).
9. a hacking activity who operates background or hidden processes?
10. Or a money-making site.

But, I salute this man not for being creeping someone's profile but he has a lot of thoughts to spread to but does not in a proper way. Internet still doesn't have category to fill his fulfillment in life. I mean answering the question "Where does he belong to?"

He's a great guy, he knows some kind of a scripts that keeps visiting your profiles in a single day. He's more like the person Light Yagami (fiction character from Death Note) but he does not kill people I just think he's just like that.

Just click his link above and read all of his post or his comments. And know more about him.


reynante said...

Honestly, I really wouldn't want to spend a single minute or even a second reading over his blog or whatsoever. I browsed over until the bottom and decided to leave the page. He sucks. Sorry for being so blatant. But I don't like the insect.

The Siraniks said...


Honestly, I just salute him for he coded the script or something but I don't like reading the blog it's full of words.