Saturday, February 2, 2008

myFirst ToolBox!

This is my first time to blog, according to the seminar I've attended recently, the seminar is about blogging. They said it's good to have a blog, connect other people, read their topics 'bout their life & style and can change the world. The truth is I create blog because I just heard that blogging can earn money. But I myself not looking forward to earn money although I have plans for it in the future.

Where I got the name?

Actually im not a mechanic nor a technician, the word comes from "mekaniko" or mechanic in English I change "meka-" to "sira" means "destroy". I call it myself because my father told me that I am seraniko coz everytime he sees me dismantle my toy when I was a kid. I just want to know what's in that toy and how they work?

What will I put in my blog?

At first I don't know what should I put in my blog that will give sense to others. They said(speakers from the seminar) blog is universal, everything you've got you can put it in your blog and share to others, make new friends. During the seminar,  I was thinking of something, something that drives people mind to make new things. What if I put my ideas, inventions never been discovered (char!). Usually I do when I have freetime, I thinking of any concepts, just like A concept of a chair, a comfortable one, a computer chair. Sitting in a computer chair for so long feel not comfortable even if the chair is soft. The idea is what if I put a fan under your butt just to keep it cool and to be relax... is that cool or funny? Anyways that was some of my ideas to build my blog. In the future I'll create topics to show the different of me, Oh! I almost forgot you still don't know me yet, hehe. For more information 'bout me visit my friendster (\nash88) and don't forget to drop testimonials and ADD me up!


Aethen said...

Hey, Nash! Thank you for answering the call to blog. HOpe you'll find it interesting and a productive activity.

Enjoy your experience in the blogosphere :P!

ria said...


Congratulations and welcome to blogging!

I hope I helped you a bit with my talks.

Dota ba? SURE! Haha!