Sunday, March 30, 2008

Learning Blender 3D

It's about a month of free time since I started learning Blender, an open source 3D builder program in an 8MB size . It will able you to make 3D animations, models, illustrations and a lot more.

At first glance I saw other blender authors artworks and I was very amazed. Sabi ko sa sarili ko [I said to myself?], what if I? what if I work my own animation, my own art? That's my first step to enter the world of CG (computer graphics).

When I was at Davao City together with my fellow friends,classmates and schoolmates attending IT Convention. Other schools discuss about their thesis to us and the other schools too. There was a school (I forgot the name) they present their thesis about this open source 3D program, it was Blender 3D they've talkin' about. A few of us know Blender including me. They introduce us there short animation, on how blender works, the steps on making an animation. The speaker said it was his freetime to learn and create his animation in Blender it took 1 month to build his presentation to us. Everyone was amazed on their presentation. My friends and fellow schoolmates told me that "Nash what about you and Joey and Marvin, make animation just like them". After I've heard what they said to me, I was urge to create an short animation represented by our school. ^^.

Now back to school, I said to my Multimedia teacher to install Blender in our computer laboratory to start learning Blender. At first, I thought Blender was easy to learn but when I try without tutorials just exploring the program, it was difficult to learn. So I started it to learn slowly during my free time. I've a little and discover a few things in Blender and tought it to my friends and classmates.

I have a friend, Kuya Ahlden He was older than me and we have the same hobby on animation. He was the one were I saw how to animate 2d in Adobe Flash when I was 1st year college, until I beat him at 2nd year during the CS/IT Flash animation contest. But then after all that he was my idol in animation.

Then exploring and self-teaching continues...

A good starter in Blender, First you have to learn in Blender is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or the so-called "Software Environment". You familiriaze not memorize each of the panel in Blender and terms. Second do the basics, ad/delete meshes, resizing/scaling, moving the mesh/objects,adding text, etc. Thrid, editing meshes, make your own shapes. Fourth it's your own now or process to Intermediate to Advance.

The keyword here is learn the "BASICS".

1. Find a tutorials about Blender.
2. Ask the professionals in the online forums.
3. Explore, Experiment Blender.
4. Smile while at work and learning.

For more information, visit this sites:
- Blender 3D Homepage
- Blender Nation
- CG Talk
- Tutorialized

or you may your own links.

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