Monday, April 21, 2008

Leerz vs bl4ck p3g4sus virus removal steps

As for my recent post about this virus I've mentioned and made a steps to remove it and follow those steps I've wrote click here. Later I turned on my computer and suddenly not noticed that systen32/svchost.exe is still running in my computer and I realized that those steps I wrote were not successfully deleted the virus (others might delete it using latest BitDefender).

So here it is now the revised version of my step to remove it. And I research futher to find removal tools and thanks to Leerz.

NOOB.Killer screenshot:

Here are the steps:

1. Turn off the System Restore - this will surely do the thing after you've deleted all the virus because the system will backed up the virus.

2. Run RRT.exe and Check All.

3. Run NOOB.Killer get it here. goto Autofix->Black Pegasus.

4. Wait until it finished searching the virus and then restart your computer.

5. Open again NOOB.Killer then Process Explorer, search for C:\Windows\systen32\svchost.exe. If it is still running (repeat steps 2-4).

6. When you succeeded, Turn on again your System Restore.

You can still use NOOB.Killer, it is a anti-virus software made by a Filipino and it's freeware. Can kill Funny UST Scandal, Strawberry, Knight, Jaymyka, kxvo and a lot more. Can be use Autofix (Enable Folder Options,TaskManager, Run, etc. ) just like RRT tool.

NOOB.Killer change logs: here.

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