Thursday, June 26, 2008

Easter Egg on Cabal PH!

There is an Easter Egg in the Cabal PH installation folder.
See for yourself:
1. Put this on you Address bar in the Windows Explorer or Run "C:\Program Files\e-Games\CABAL Online (PH)\DATA\UI\Balloon" (without quotation marks)
2. You will see this pic "ben balasador.jpg", open it
You'll notice that is video cd cover from the Ben Salvador Movie, a Phillipine Action Movie.

The question is. This is strange, how can an action movie made a connection to the Cabal Online PH?
And the face looks like edited with another face (correct me if Im wrong).

Some of In-Game Images that can be wallpaper:
Destination: C:\Program Files\e-Games\CABAL Online (PH)\DATA\UI\Scroll