Saturday, August 30, 2008

I as OMNI08

I as now a member of The Omniana, our school's publications. I'm one of new layout artist for the SY 2008-2009, together with Marvin(the trashman) and Joey (grilled-life). It's our second time we've been in the Omniana because last year we are the one who only apply for layout artist to learn layouting in a page but layout on the paper was unknown to us unlike web layout are quite easy. We've worked together for only 2 or more months. And Kuya Ayel (Ariel Lalisan) as the formerly Chief-Editor in this organization and also the first time we've met him. He appoint us in yearbook layout but we didn't finished coz' it's quite difficult and we've been busy at the middle of making the yearbook.

After a year of gaining experience in both web and photoshop (graphics and layout), now we're back and "we rocks! (go tgnet) hehe..." Good luck to us.

I've made this wallpapers for the tribute to this organization.

Click the picture to view the whole size (1024x768).
Render from Blender, a simple 3D Text and edited from Photoshop

Click the picture to view the whole size (1024x768).
Made from Photoshop. Vector Art


Ayel said...

wow! that's great!

Oi, attend kayo seminar namin on Sept 20. or paki-promote naman jan... hehe. I'll send you the posters kung ready na.. Hehe. Tenks.

Oks na ba yung problem nyo sa hosting and domain. I could be of help if you want. :D

The Siraniks said...

ok cge kuya ayel... call me back here if all things ready.

ok na ung hosting and domain namin hehe...