Monday, August 18, 2008

My First Build

Last night, my first ever build a PC by myself is what I am using now, this is my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo (C2D) E4600 2.4 GHz
Foxconn X38A "Digital Life" - which is a high-end mobo (motherboard)
Zalman 9700LED CPU Heatsink
2x 1GB Kingston DDR-667
Asus EN8500GT 512MB PCI-e
Sony Combo Drive
F1-Racing Case
500W PSU
Samsung 400GB HDD

After my old computer backdowned for 2 weeks and nothing to use and continue my blogging, but still I've managed to net surf using my dad's laptop. But it's not that easy to use my dad's laptop because it's not mine and my files left from my old computer.

It is not much a high-end system but it'll be a lot useful to me, After a week of research for the board compatibility with other components and new information I've learned in every each day. Thanks to my Kuya Nell who sell his computer parts to us and build another computer.

I started learning and building a computer. Last summer for my OJT subject, I applied at MCC together with Joey, Lourdes, and Pring were my classmates. I realize that it is not that difficult to build, but the difficult is that you are afraid to damage that system you want build and the cause simply "It's not mine". Im an IT student from NDMU, usually IT students care for database and websites, but us were "pasaway" but that's not the point, were trying to balance in ourselves to know both hardware and software which is hand-on. It is good to know than you don't know.
It's kinda' weird for us to call ourselves IT or Information Technician. :D

What Ive learned and I want to share for the first time builders:

- asked for assistance from you technician or from professional builders
- research more about what you are building (computer parts, technology they're using, compatibility, etc.)
- take precaution, because your dealing with electronics to avoid electric shocks and you might injured your self.
- handle with care with those computer parts mostly the CPU or the processor chip to avoid damage to the system.
- before you buy computer parts for you motherboard be sure that they are compatible or ask the technician about this, and if you planned to buy high-end system like my mobo. Research is the key and a lot of question from professionals.
- the last but not the least, Trust your self that you able to this things    ("Kaya ko to!") and this will encourage your self to this. Be sure you have the experiences you have.

Happy building for those first-timers. :)

my dad and my family, kuya nell, my friends, to all my the websites i've research for.

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