Saturday, September 6, 2008

How to get your girlfriend into gaming

How to get your girlfriend into gaming
First bit of advice? Don't be a jerk. Second? Don't make her play 'Halo'

If you hope to convert your game-averse sweetie, don't force her to play the games that you like. Oh, and don't ignore her when you play.

If you want to turn your lady friend into a gaming fan, here’s some advice from Xbox Live community manager Christa Phillips: Don’t be a jerk.´Sounds obvious enough, but the statement earned knowing laughs and enthusiastic applause from the standing-room-only crowd gathered for the “How to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming” panel at the Penny Arcade gaming convention in Seattle recently. Seems some of you game-playing gents like to throw the controller, use four-letter words and ignore company when you’re immersed in a video game. And that’s just no way to convince your sweetie to forego date night for a little co-op “Castle Crashers.” “The game becomes the enemy, like sports,” said Phillips.

The five girl-gamer panelists had other advice for the audience of 100-plus: Don’t impose your favorite game on your gal pal. “Girlfriends may not be into ‘Halo,’ but they might like something else, so don’t force ‘Halo’ on them and expect them to love gaming,” said Cori Roberts, editor of Davin Loh, a freelance writer from Chicago, has been down that road. His girlfriend played “Halo” for five minutes and got dizzy. He came to the panel to get tips on how to get her into games other than “Rock Band” and “Elite Beat Agents.”

(It’s worth noting that said girlfriend, Aleen Lee, trucked across the country to attend PAX — and the panel — with her beau.) She countered that she’s not opposed to gaming at all — she’s just busy with her job as an attorney. “When I do have free time, I don’t want to be blowing things up,” she said.

There’s definitely more to games than blowing things up, said panel participants. Your wife may not want to score headshots in “Gears of War,” but she might dig playing “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” Licensed properties such as “Harry Potter” or “Spider-Man” may earn an eye-roll from the hard-core gaming crowd, but “name recognition can hook people,” said panelist Jane Pinckard, editor of GameGirlAdvance.


My Conclusion:
Yes, the Xbox Live community manager's right, "Don't be a jerk" said Christa Phillips, don't let your girlfriend stay in the air and let you play along or play along with you very own Halo style game.

'Coz they're not into warfare gameplay but usually they don't like these kind of stuffs, girls play along those games have cute, funny and anime style character like Ragnarok and Gunbound. Maybe some of them like Counter-Strike, like what you usually found in the internet cafe today especially online games like RAN,O2JAM, or even CABAL Online from and other Online Games here in the Philippines that nowadays they dominated us males in this kind of games.

But if they wanna try your favorite game, try to teach them maybe you may learn something from them like their strategies, for example like DoTA, Red Alert.

This will make your relationship more close, more exciting.

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Hmm... this reminded me of a guy who likes to get his girlfriend to like car racing!

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