Saturday, November 22, 2008

Caliburnus Concept

It's been a week since I didn't update my blog. I've been busy because of this taking a challenge from my recent post "Steampunk Challenge". You might be interested come and join us. It's a quite challenge to those professional 3D modeling artist, I've seen some artist who are working at Electronic Arts (famous game developers like "Sims", "Need for Speed Series", "Command and Conquer", etc. ) and from Massive Entertainment (games like "World in Conflict" and "Ground Control I and II").

Why is it Caliburnus?
Caliburnus is the name of the King Arthur's magical which he pulled from the stone to take the trial to become the king.

Why not Excalibur?

At first I chose Excalibur (I'm fan of the King Arthur's story, but I'm not that no. 1 fan even my understanding that the Excalibur is from that stone), that was then the start of my concept and modeling but what cgsociety members told me that it wasn't the Excalibur stucked on the stone but it was another sword ("Caliburnus", I google it for the name). The Excalibur by which King Arthur in the original story was obtained from the Lady from the Lake after the stone trial.

So I'm sticking to the first plan since I started already sketching and modeling.

What software did you use?
Blender. At first I was wondering if I have to sketch it right away in the Photoshop but my only problem is that it is difficult to use a mouse and just paint it all the way and I don't have WACOM boards or pen tablets. So I choose Blender, might be easier to make model and along the way I gained a lot of experience using the software. And also there are a lot of tutorials in the internet and I've met a lot of blenderbies (term for Blender Newbie) and blender pro (Professional Blender Users) one of them is Reynante.

I've bought a book from Blender e-shop for some newbie learning "the Essential Blender". From that book I learned a lot to use Blender.

This is it the dream I'm pursuing it but don't take too much 'coz I'm still a students who primarily focusing on studies.

Might want to see my work progress look down here or click this.

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reynante said...

Hey, thanks so much for mentioning me on your post. ^_^

It was fun reading it, btw.