Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I, Siraniks joins challenge of Steampunk Artwork

Image Courtesy from CGTalk SteamPunk

An artistic challenge to explorer gears, springs, brass and steam set around some of the world's best known stories.
Maybe for me I grab this opportunity for world exposure, and challenge myself for some of my photoshop skills. Im not after for the prize because of whooping $220,000 + tools for artworks (XSI Softimage, Maya, etc. refer the link above for more info and click the image above for the contest's sponsors).

But I said earlier a challenge for me.
First I gonna do is search for a better concept to share for the world. The contest setting was Myth's and Legend within a futuristic world and Steampunk aesthetic.

The first thing come up in my mind was a Mindanao Ancient Folklore/Myth/Legend like Bantugan (a character from Myths of Maranaos) I changed to Excalibur (Legend of King Arthur). Bantugan concept quite difficult for me as I really don't do human body drawings, maybe next time.

Im grateful if anybody from here would help me and acknowledge you from my artwork.
This is my space for posting WIP (Work in Progress), here (Updated! 11-21-08).

I use Blender for my entry, it's kinda difficult for a newbie like but I think It's a lot of challenge. Since I don't have Pen tablet for painting and hard to use mouse for painting. And that's all.

I hope can actively join for this kind of opportunity.


xsabrina.chic said...

dude pwede ka rin sa forums.digitalpoint.com, there are some contest for web designs not only for graphics.. dun ako nagsimula ^^ kaya mo yan! kaw pah~


The Siraniks said...

well kasi dito hindi kasi pang web graphics lang, try out my best part sa international... hehe... andito kasi yung 3D experts.