Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What am I supposed to do?

This post could be more personal but I would like it to share. And these are the reasons why I'm not active in my blog and can't pay a visit other blogs too. Sorry for that and next week would be my last week of school for this year but I still comeback for 2009, :D.

1. Sultanate of Talik website is pending. I used WordPress CMS and learn it first because this is the only way for our client's need.

2. Entry for SteamPunk, Caliburns is under WIP state... I should done this before the deadline ticks (Jan. 12 2009) I have lot to do, do a little modeling, lightings, composting and lastly the most time consuming is rendering.

3. Assignments, Projects and quizzes for my classes. This shoudn't be missed.

4. My teacher's project in Physics, I can't passed it on others because in our school I'm the only one who experience making Actionscript apps (maybe, but... ).

Phew! I have many things to do before 2008 end.

Hehe, good luck for me.


padawan said...

kaya mo yan kapatid!
may the force be with you!

The Siraniks said...

thanks for encouragement padawan... the key is time management. I have lot to do this break.

reynante said...

Hey, good luck, pal! ^_^ Yakang yaka mo 'yan. Just relax. ^_^


╔╔ j0eY ╝╝ said...

jaja wla tayong vacation ajaja ang daming gagawin huhuhu