Sunday, November 9, 2008


A new generation of half-fantasy ATV sports, PURE brought you by Disney Interactive. Is half realistic acrobatic tricks and part not real tricks and only shown in this game.

It has unique control over your driver, like Preloading - is more like preparation for jumping off from the ramp. Thrill Bar - it has 3 kinds of tricks: basic, professional, and advance tricks. First off you do the basic tricks with earning a little boost in your thrill bar without getting injured, then earning professional tricks and unlock advance tricks if successful recovered from airborne tricks. Finally you can earn special tricks by surpassing professional tricks or earn power-ups, this add's up crazy tricks by pressing "Tweak tricks". You can also do flips either front or backwards and even add tricks. Flips + Tricks (basic, advance or professional) + special tricks = awesome what of a kind tricks you can ever imagine in this game.

Graphics, I tell you this is awesome. Photo-realistic scenes and environments. Effects are stunning great like mud, dirt, dust particles splat all-over you driver.
Sounds, sounds are great, engine, environment, players, and the music played by different bands that gives you more thrill and you really enjoy to play the game.
Environment, stunning looking landscape across around the world.
Gameplay, You can play various game modes: World Tour, Single Event, Trial Mode, Online, and LAN.
World Tour
- where you can compete the game in Single Player mode across the world and where you can unlock new Maps and upgrade parts.
Single Event
- is a single type race where you can select 3 game modes.
Trial Mode - This is were you practice the map you've unlock.
- compete other players across the globe via Internet by earning highscores against them and be the number one in the race.
(Local Area Network) - compete other players in the local area network or LAN game.
Garage - it's not a race game but it makes you upgrade you ATV with new parts that you've earn in the World Tour mode, this lets you do the paint, change each of parts from the frame chassis to the engine, body and the last give the name of your masterpiece a.k.a ATV.

The game has 3 game types: race, sprint, and freestyle. Race - it is common for race games, Sprint - is a kind of a race that you will be given 5 laps to win in a short track with 15 opponents, and the best of all is freestyle - gives you the opportunity to do your awesome tricks, show some nasty acrobatic stunts.

I gave a astonishing score of 9/10.
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