Thursday, January 1, 2009

80th Post: Happy New Year Everyone!

This my 80th post in this blog and 20 post more for 100 post.
By the way this all I have to say!

"Happy New Year, Goodbye 2008, Welcoming 2009!".
Bye for 2008 for wonderful and great things happened in my life, my family and my friends.
Welcome for 2009 for to have a wonderful life, learn new things, post more articles this coming year and have a meaningful life.

A sad to say I should have a presentation this eve, but sadly it's not done. But that's ok for sure maybe next time.

This coming year, wait for my year ender gaming articles (review to those games that I played this 2008), new technology (USB 3.0, etc.).

And wait for reopening of my other blog,
For articles for Blender and other non-Blender things that related to 3D Graphics and Animation.

Once Again, Happy New Year 2009.
I wish you more goodluck and wonderful life, Siraniks.

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