Saturday, January 17, 2009

DB's Naruto Shippuuden 92 is a troll

I've been following Naruto Shippuuden's Episode with DatteBayo(DB) subs that makes their release popular. But what make's DB really takedown their Naruto Shippuuden subs last Jan. 15. The release of Naruto Shippuuden (NS) episode 92 makes it a troll or I'd say a decoy.

I just download it from DB site recently but what do you know, a troll. At first I thought it was a NS 92 on episode music intro after that another anime appears, I don't what anime is it but it was horrible. Speaking of horrible, another dubbers came out of nowhere takes the responsibility to sub again naruto for free they called themselves [HorribleSubs].

Now downloading Naruto Shippuuden 092, and guessing if it is true.

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lohking said...

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