Friday, February 13, 2009


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Greetings to everybody it's near February 14, aka Valentines day. hehe...

Sorry 4 I can't manage my blog, maybe I'll revamped my blog for this is no longer become tech blog... hehe... sorry for that.

If I got some time I'll try to change it to make tech blog again and all my artworks will be transfered to and

Happy Valentines to all of bloggers and people visited my blog.


Padawan Regie said...

salamat siraniks!
Happy Valentines din sa 'yo.
Mabuti kapa at nakagawa na ng valentine greetings para sa 'min, baka mamaya or bukas pa 'ko makagawa. I'll let you know sa

again, happy valentines!

The Siraniks said...

your welcome sir padawan... hehe...