Monday, March 2, 2009

L4D Movie

With each chapter of Left 4 Dead being its own story with a cinematic gameplay style, if there was ever a game that needed to be made into a movie, it’s this one. However, without a good director, writer, and cast the Left 4 Dead movie would fall victim to the same fate as most other game to movie transitions. So let’s look at who should take on the task of turning the Death Toll campaign into a movie.

First off, why Death Toll out of all the campaigns? While each of the four has what it takes to be a movie, Death Toll has some of the best moments in the entire game. With the rescue team actually being a husband and wife instead of some hotshot pilot or someone in the military, it makes things seem more about the actual survivors of the disaster rather than just being saved. Moreover, who wouldn’t like to see the Church Guy finally get his just deserts on the silver screen?

Co-Directors - George A. Romero and Quentin Tarantino:

When it comes to zombies, you will be hard-pressed to find someone better than George A. Romero, with five “Dead” movies and a sixth in the works, it would be almost wrong to not include the master of brain eating in the creation of Death Toll. With the inclusion of Co-Director Quentin Tarantino to add that certain cinematic flair and style that captures horror in such a dramatic yet humorous light. With these two at the helm of the project, there’s no way it could fail…unless the writing is bad, which brings us to the brains behind the project, no pun intended.

Writers - Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, James Gunn:

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, creators of the Shaun of the Dead movie, along with James Gunn, writer for the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake and 2006’s horror-comedy Slither, would be more than capable of capturing the subtle yet prevalent humor and thrilling setting. With Wright and Pegg’s unique style of humor mixed with Gunn’s ability to keep a morbid and disturbing tone and still have the ability to add in witty one-liners, there is no doubt this group would be able to stay true to the source material.


Will Smith as Louis. Alright, you should have seen this one coming, but seriously, who else could do the smooth-talking ex-Junior Systems Analyst better than Mr. Smith? With his previous experience saving the world from aliens (three times), fighting off a hoard of killer robots, and evil zombie wannabes, it would be doing the movie a disservice to not include him.

Sean Connery as Bill. There is a list of perfect candidates for the role of Bill, but Sean Connery is perhaps one of the best choices for the character. Like Will Smith, Connery is no stranger to action movies; in fact that’s pretty much what he is known best for. Having the perfect attitude and look, Connery would need little to no time to prepare for this role. Hearing Sean Connery say such classic lines as “Close your mouth and open your eyes, Francis. You’ll aim better.” will make the movie that much more satisfying.

Bill Goldberg as Francis. A curveball has been thrown in the casting! Though ex-wrestler Bill Goldberg doesn’t have the reputation of some of the other cast members, he has the look, the demeanor, and the overall “bad-ass” attitude that suits Francis perfectly. Considering how ripped Goldberg is, I doubt anyone would argue with him having a role in the movie, unless they want to be ripped in half like a phonebook.

Sonja Kinski as Zoey. The most obvious of the cast members, and I’m sure everyone knows why. Sure, she’s only been in one movie, an indie film by the name of All God’s Children Can Dance, but how can you go wrong with the person whom the character’s model was based on! Gamers all over the world would be disappointed if Ms. Kinski didn’t get the role of one of the best female game characters to date.

Quentin Tarantino as the Church Guy. The man is in almost every one of his own movies, so it would be easy to assume he would be in this one and I don’t think he’d much appreciate being just a zombie. This is why the role of the “Church Guy” is perfect for Tarantino. Hey, he was already turned into a Vampire in From Dusk Til Dawn; why not try being a zombie this time around?



The Best Shooter and Game of the Year 2008 has gone HUGE! It's bought into theaters and this makes L4D lovers should watch the movie and this is great, especially me L4D lover too gonna watch this movie.


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