Friday, June 4, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Offline LAN

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I finally get this game to work on Offline LAN (yeah, no Hamachi - the Old style play) using alterIWNet. And finally understand why many players pissed off from this game because the game don't have the ability to create dedicated servers or create own server.

Thanks to this hackers who made the game to play on LAN, but since sharing the game is illegal and might sue me I only share how to make it possible to play on LAN.

alterIWNet Files - Get it here
Download both "Fresh Install" and "Update", optional for the DLC Maps.

Read Installation and How to Play Tutorial by BabyCarlos - Read

Modern Warfare 2 Launcher (I forgot where I get it, sorry)
Copy and Save as whateveryoucalledit.bat and put it on your Modern Warfare 2 folder
Click Here

Some people have difficulties on how to play it, in BabyCarlos Tutorial there is a two links of video tutorials. How do you get it to work, the answer is firewall.

I got it to work on Windows 7
1. Click Start Menu
2. Type "Firewall" and click "Windows Firewall with Advance Security"
3. Click Inbound Rules, delete any instance of iw4sp, iw4mp, and IWNetServer
4. Click "New Rule..."
5. Click "Next"
6. Click "Browse..." and search iw4sp.exe
7. Be sure "Allow Connection" is selected and Click "Next"
8. Be sure Domain, Public and Private are all selected
9. And put a name on it
10. Finally Click "Finish"

Do the steps 4-9 for iw4mp and IWNetServer

List of Console Commands:
Click Here

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