Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Internet Connection Troubleshooting

Many of us mostly to those who have laptops and weren't able to connect usually if they are in cafe and hotspots and nobody helps you out to connect in the internet, so I'm here to help out in this simple internet connection troubleshoot, just follow this simple steps and your done.

Internet connection troubleshoot:


1. check Local Internet Connection icon (looks like two Monitor blinking each other) in the system tray (see Computer Time, bottom right corner of your screen) if it is blinking.

2. Run command prompt (shortcut: click Start->Run, type cmd & Press Enter), on the command prompt, type "ping website/IP address" example: ping Then check if this message "Reply from bytes=32 time=269ms TTL=49" appears 3x or 4x, then your connection is online.

3. If step 1 & 2 fails, try to reopen again command prompt if closed, then type "ipconfig /renew" this command will renew your IP Address, then restart your computer.

4. If steps 1,2, & 3 fails, maybe a virus, router defect, computer problems, LAN Card failure, or call your technician for help.

this steps may applicable to laptops when connected to Wifi stations or hotspots.

If you have comments and additions, just leave comment and I'll update this topic.

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