Saturday, July 5, 2008


What a disgrace tonight. It started 5~6pm (Im not aware of the time) when here Koronadal. I thought Koronadal was lucky city not hit by a typhoon, but recently "pagkalipas lang ng ilang oras" my father went to my uncle and my 2 sisters to fetch them because they were stranded because of the wire hit our car (habang umuulan), my dad is concerned about it coz' our bunso keep txting that they were stranded on the road. Not only wires but also post fell. My father was riding my XRM, along the way suddenly dad didn't notice the end of the road is a little bit high than the ground, then "hindi kinayanan ng motor umakyat dumulas yong gulong sa likod" and then he slide, right arm first. "Nagtamo sya ng sugat sa balikat" and "dislocated/broken on his right collar bone". That time my dad called "Nadisgrasya ako" he said. I felt terrified when I heard that and also mom.

We were about to panic that it happened. We called our uncle (neighbor) to help out "at maidala sa doctor", "Pinggoy Hospital" here in our city. I've never felt this before that is why I feel terrible, fear, don't what to do next?" and about to cry. :(

Thanks to Allah that what happened today "na hindi gaanong nadisgrasya si dad".
I wrote this article for this message be brought to the owner of this subdivision Victory Homes to repair the road and continue to build that road, many years have been passed by since the first we've been here and we've been here for almost 9 years. Since that road built last 2005~2006 (I don't know the exact year), but the important is "nais ko iparating sa may-ari ng Victory Homes na ipaayos na ang kalsada kasi maraming nagrereklamo sa mga nadidisgrasya sa daan dahil maputik ang daan tuwing umuulan, lalong lalo na sa mga nagmomotor pauwi".

Please help us out in our problem in our subdivision.
I don't want to say those names "baka magkaroon pa ng malaking gulo".


trashman said...

Allah has a reason for everything...sana gumaling agad dad mo nash...sana maayos din ang daan...i will help you in your advocacy through my blog...mag ingat always...

The Siraniks said...

thanks my friend... :)