Monday, July 7, 2008

Emerging Bloggers of 2008

Bloggers from all around the world can join this a writing project event, you can vote your top 10 or less fave bloggers and this is not possible without the help of their sponsor YesPinoy. Now I'm ready to start cast my vote:

1. Homeward Bound - He introduced me this blog world a lot, a really good friend of mine, a good teacher and photographer. You can learn a lot from him just read his blog., Ariel Lalisan of Saranggani.
2. PhotoJaye - A blogger and also photographer, and also a food lover, he'll share with you different dishes, Jaye.
3. Bariles Republic - A Blogger from General Santos City shares with you the articles and events about GenSan, where Manny Pacquiao lives.
4. Marc Macrocosm - A blogger from Singapore shares his life experience in Singapore, Marc.
5. Trashman - Latest Software reviews you never know read his blog and you'll be surprised, my friend and co-founder of TGNET, Marvin.
6. Grilled-life - A blogger and a friend of untitled poems and a lot of share ideas and also the co-founder of TGNET, Joey.
7. MyMessyJournal - A teen blogger and also a ComEng student from Cebu, shares a lot of her experience in her life as a teenager, Rochell.
8. Music Picks - Music lover shares as a lot and different kind of music taste, but not only music and he share also latest movies on the groove.
9. Mar Roxas - a blog from Mar Roxas fan.
10.Manila Foodistas - a blog of Manila Food dishes.

visit this site if you want to cast your vote,Top 10 Emerging Influetianl Blogs


Kevin Ray said...

Please do check out if it deserves to complete your list. Thanks!

bariles said...

A million thank you's from the bottom, top and middle parts of my heart!

I owe you one siranix! :)

trashman said...

waaaaaaaaaa....hahahaha salamat nash...^_^

Ed said...

Hi. you might also wanna check out and consider my blog at Your nomination will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. More power to your blog. =D

Bong said...

Hi! You might want to look at Manila Foodistas @ thanks a lot! :) said...

Hello. Thank you for submitting an entry to this writing project. I note that the following started before July 2007:

1. Aethen
2. Bug I.T.

Also Trashman is not accessible. said...

Hello. This is to mark your entry as complete. Please don't forget to confirm your attendance for the August 11 eyeball. Thank you.