Friday, July 25, 2008

Wanna try! For Symbian Only

Only for Symbian Phones
Tested with N70
How 2 SpeedUp Ur Symbian Mobile

This trick I found from the web, really speeds-up any* symbian mobile phone.
First I thought this is a joke, but don't know how, it worked !!!
It must be a secret code for Nokia.

First change ur phone date to 03/04/2005

Go to Menu -> Office -> To-do List.

Make a new to do note with following data :
Subject : Speed
Due date : 04/08/2005
Priority : High

Press Done, but don't Exit.

Now make another note with :
Subject : Qoukie
Due date : 04/08/2005
Priority : Low

Press Done & Exit to Stand-By screen.
Now go back again to To-do List.

Then press "options" & "mark as done"
( Do this to the notes in the order above )

Exit & update the phone date.

* I have tested this on N70, N72 & 6680 Phones.

I've got from mobile phone forum, I try it myself and my phone speeds up a bit.
Try it or you'll regret it. There's no danger when you try it. :)

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