Monday, October 20, 2008

Under the Web

Guess what's under my web template?

Take a look at this:(click to enlarge)

It's obvious that this must be a web template, but when I start to add footer and end up reef and a submarine and this is not a typical web template I planned to work but I ended up making an artwork.

Banner is the web from LogoCo. (false company used for template making), underneath is a reef with crabs and submarine, but were are the fishes? You thought it why, because it's 1am in the morning when I started at 10pm in the evening. My plan is to add fishes to experience underwater fantasy but Im tired (but not lazy).


Anonymous said...

Great Work!!! Akala ko ang mga fish ung under sa web template..hehheh..kaya wala sila jan.

siraniks said...

Thanks... hehe... tsk. tsk. marami pa sunod nyan...