Friday, October 17, 2008

Islamic Chain Letters beware.

I skip for now about computers and let's talk about religion for this time. A warning for Muslims reading this article I've made.

I've got this letter from the internet cafe here in Koronadal and the owner was a Muslim like me. At first I red about the first paragraph in the letter and thought that was a good message from Sheik Ahmed from Medina,Saudi Arabia. The first paragraph was ok as it states that some of today's Muslims do not say their prayer regularly which is true and a lot of sentences. But in the end of the letter gave me hint that this wasn't true because, you will produce about twenty (20) copies of this letter and spread it to the public and anyone who disperse or tear the paper out would die within nine (9) days. Which this letter gave me a goosebumps.

Maybe some of you encounter this and you know that this is not TRUE to those who knows and those who do not KNOW, I warn you this letters pass over many years and now for informative age and the exist of internet around us sending them through e-mails, print them out, and spread to the public. Please be remind this people behind this things make your Islam ruined. Get fooled you by it's false message.

Although the letter is good as it some of its paragraph, reminds us to let Islam come to our hearts and do good things, follow Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) rules. The only wrong in the letter is that they put "print twenty (20) copies" and "fake death rules". Only Allah (s.a.w) know when we die and making copies doesn't make any sense, you can spread good letters and messages even in SMS, through your friends, relatives, and you family, Imam, and religious people.

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Anonymous said...

May Allah reward you for this reminder, and thank you for referring to my blog article.

siraniks said...

thank you...