Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Plan Renovation.

I've just renovate my blog, change my template and remove plenty of ads. Well it's a new life and I should update every two days or more rather than empty updates.

Blogy Lindo Dia, is the original template. But I didn't took off their credits, I change a bit to fit my style and my blog motif. About the banner, I create it off my photoshop skills, a cartoony style of tools (mouse, USB flash disk, screw driver, pencil, wrench, and a game controller ). Each objects has its own meaning

- Mouse (represents the world wide web, internet, my blog)
- USB (represents storage by which my stuff I put it in just like my blog)
- Screw Driver and Wrench (well as my literal name "Siraniko or Siraniks" the best symbol for my name, and also I know computer troubleshooting)
- Pencil (For my artworks, pencil usually for drawing and sketching)
- Game Controller (Everyone loves games, and I'm a gamer too!)

Oh yeah! I put up Tag cloud right at my sidebar, you can read this tutorial to create tag cloud. This is made for Bloggers.

And also Lightbox*, introduction of it refer to my old post here.

For more upcoming updates,
I am now practicing Blender 3D (open source 3D rendering software, counter part of 3DS Max). I'll be posting my progression and some artworks.

Just like my friend, Marvin for his new blog "Beyond Grayscale". Showing off his talents in Photoshop, Blender, and his artworks.

*Still working for it.


padawan said...

wow, this is truely a siraniko's blog. i like your new theme. keep updating bro, especialy with your blender. I've just downloaded blender wishing i could play with it too.
thanks and more power!

may the force be with you.

siraniks said...

Thanks Sir Padawan. and more force be with you also.

Ibabalita ko rin to sa Convergence Forums. :D

Tanchi said...

congrats..this is cool:)