Sunday, January 11, 2009

When nash88 came in, Siraniks came out.

A long way for me to become a Graphic Artist/3D modeler/animator/freelance web designer, and this is my short story when nash88 came out in the scene.

I've learned Photoshop last 2005/2006 when Marky's Overlay Generator starting to gain popularity and fascinated overlay artworks from TechnoSisters (the earlier site of owned by Sabrina and TechnoGecko was a dreamsite we want to be brought out in the public) together with my friends Marvin and Joey.

We never learned Photoshop in a formal way of teaching like seminars or training, we taught ourselves using plenty of tutorials in the internet. We always go to library at the internet section during our free time for browsing, read tutorials and testing out Photoshop. We've learn a lot and greater than we expected, and not only Adobe Photoshop I learned 2D animations too using Adobe Flash(formerly Macromedia back then).

During my second year in college and we don't have Flash subject back then which was disadvantage for a first year and second year students to join the contest unless they know how to,but we still join both Animation and Web Design Contest at our school activity, we animate power ranger style 2d animated film for 5 mins. or more called "Pinastiks" derived from "Philippines" or "Pilipinas" and sticks that we got from stick fight animation set in futuristic world, and got the Champion's place on Animation and 1st runner up tie on 3rd year students (Dave Saavedra and his gang). Badly, I've lost our first animation because that I thought that I backed up my data and transfer on my new computer.

I joined Markyctrigger contributor for a short-short time, Ragnarok Overlay Special and other overlay which I never submitted and just give to my friends for their personal profiles. I know HTML and CSS coding when I was 4th student at ND-Siena of Marbel and my teacher Mr. Ruel Ambat and I learned a lot which I used until now and I'm very thankful to him that I learned this wonderful language that brought me becoming Freelance Web Designer and CSS I learn from reading at

In 2007, now we learned a lot from our past experiences and we want to innovate it, we create and called our selves from TechnoTribe (why "tribe"? because we came in different tribes, tribal brushes in Photoshop and applied in our artworks) to TechnoGecko.Net (why Gecko?, don't know were it came from and just pop it out in our mind plus I add .Net from VB.Net, for short tgnet). We would like to express our works and build a site for us, help students who are eager to study in the world of Art, Programming, Computing Hardware and Software, and all sorts that you can see in the World of Technology.

2008, we've grew strong, we learned a lot of new things and not only with Photoshop nor Flash but also hardware configuration (including PC building), software some sort of OS hacking (not that bad, I mean editing registry and remedy for virus infections), database and computer programming, Blogging(thanks Aethen for arranging the seminar on blogging) and lot more.

And I also learned a lot on Blender (FOSS 3D rendering software back 2007 I started using Blender for an experimental purposes and learning softwares environment) which I used after joining CGSociety's SteamPunk challenge since Nov. 2008, joined Blender Philippines (as a new author/contributor) and Pinoy Blender Community.

We've got plenty of projects too, website of Lake Sebu Nat'l Highschool for Smart Schools, U3 Alamid Cafe (first ever client to test our skill but it's in flash based and needs to be renovate), and upcoming of Sultanate of Talik.

Now 2009, a new way for us to head out and explore more, earn new skills, and apply our experiences and tgnet evolves throught it's new name Express Designs or ExD (the new name for our group. We hopefully establish this site earlier and have a lot of projects to be showed to you.


Ada said...

Hello there! Thanks for the mention about Vixenart. It's not .com, .com is pornography content LOL.

More power!

The Siraniks said...

I guess, sorry. I'll changed that link.

YOur welcome. :D