Sunday, January 11, 2009

Steampunk: Mission accomplished

I joined the Steampunk Myth Challenge at last Nov 2008 and finally done this day. Phew! it's a long way for the I finished my first piece on CG in the first challenge I joined.

I didn't imagined that it was done already and at first theres a lot of ideas popped out in my mind but the only limit for me is that I can't do it for now.

I've done a great job today, Congratulations for me.

Here's the result, visit SteamPunk Myth: Calibur.

My purpose to join is not to win although is not complete if your not the winner, but honestly is to challenge myself. Learn from new things, meet new friends a new community. And lastly you'll know what you can do and what you can't do yet.

I used Blender for modeling and Photoshop for some smoke effects and composting.

Challenge extended!
To those who joined the challenge and didn't finished their work, you can continue 'till Jan. 19.
- Reason: because due to recent technicalities in the FTP server.
Still have chances to finished and furnish your works.

Good luck.


Brigid Ashwood said...

great job its awesome! I joined the challenge as well but there is no hope of finishing. although like you I have enjoyed participating! Congrats on a great piece!

The Siraniks said...

Thank you, Oh really? what's your name there?

Reyn said...

awesome job! Hopefully we could plan out earlier the challenges on PBUG just so everyone could participate too. ^_^

Brigid Ashwood said...

over at cgsociety? pretty boring just my regular ole name
brigidashwood LOL

The Siraniks said...

aw, ok... by the way you can still continue your work if you want to, the deadline is extended