Thursday, January 15, 2009

Witch! Watch out! L4D

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"Do you hear a witch?", "Witch!", "Turn off your flashlights". These are famouse phrases when players of Left 4 Dead (L4D) says when encounter witches (zombie woman with a creepy sound of crying out in the darkness).

The plot, there are 4 survivors left out in the area were all of the people turn into zombies affected from the virus, just like Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead movies.

This is a whole new kind of game and theirs a big difference in other shooters game.
Exciting features include:

"The Director" - is an AI in the game that manipulates the entire scene being played in the game, it monitors your status (health, ammo, heatlh packs, location, etc.), sets or spawn of zombie hordes and special zombies, change ingame items("Health Packs or Pills","Guns or ammo","Molotovs or Pipebombs) and virtually change the scene in accordance to your status, let's say for example, You are running out of bullets, then The Director initiates it's action ("ammo, spawn zombie hordes and special zombies).

Cinematic noir-styled graphics - the game is like your in a movie styled effects (film grain, high contrast, vignettes, etc. )

4 Survivors to choose from - Francis (Biker), Zoey (College Student), Bill(Veteran soldier), Louis(IT professional).

Special Zombies to choose from (only available on Versus mode) - Smoker, Hunter, Boomer and Tanker. Speaking of Witch (not available).

Multiplayer, Co-op, Single Player, Campaign (4 deep movie campaigns).

4-on-4 Versus Game, Zombies Vs. Survivors.

Matchmaking stats and achievements.

Behind the scenes commentary.

Powered by Source engine and Steam.

Screenshots (Click to enlarge).

This game have gain a lot of awards, refer here.

This a very unique game, strategic gameplay that's why it has few guns (Uzi, M16 Rifle, Pump-action shotgun, automatic shotgun, sniper) and bombs (Molotovs and Pipebombs, note: You can only carry one).In multiplayer you need to team work in-order to survive. No team-work you can't finish the campaign. The Campaign our short, there are 4 campaigns each of them has 5 chapters. But Valve has promised to make a DLC (downloadable content) for additional missions and lots of extras.

Play on LAN or internet via Steam or GG Arena.

It's very addictive and only for Mature (Rated Mature 17+) because of blood and gore.

The best shooter and best multiplayer experience I've ever played in my PC. So,
"Bring your friends and let the screaming begins."

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