Saturday, April 18, 2009

Siraniks, a Blenderbie

A long time no updates, well I'm back again but I'm still I'm quite getting busy this incoming weeks for my other projects and oh! 3D Animation. Yeah! That's right being a Blenderbie (from the word Blender + Newbie) a newbie in 3D world. Having focus in a free 3D Rendering software Blender, I have lots of fun using it and encourages me to do things in 3D.

I learn this myself though self-teach back in 2007 for the basics and exploring but stops for 1 year learn other things, and now back in the roadway to 3D.

And a lot happens when tried to use it and found out Philippine Blender User Group and being a Moderator/Author on those sites. And meet new people like Ragingmon, Reynante, Dagwayjack and a lot of people from the Blender Community.

Maybe Blender is far from being an IT student that learns databases, web development, programming, etc. But it gave me new oppurtunities, having other job besides IT jobs, planning to have animation someday and a studio, meet a lot of artist too. And having another hobby.

Blender has a lot of opportunities and gives you a lot jobs like:
- 3D Modeling (includes architectural designs)
- Material and Texturing
- Environment/Scene/Lighting setups (Exterior and Interior designs)
- Armatures or Bone Animation
- Programming
- Game Designing
- Web design w/ 3D elements
- Illustrations
- Simulations
- and more...

the lead developer and the chairman of Blender was Ton Roosendaal, and here is the interview from the man behind Blender.

Interview with Ton Roosendaal (Blender) by Sabine Niederer from network cultures on Vimeo.

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rightclick3d said...

Good evening, siraniks. Are you serious about going after a filipino open source CGI project?

I used to be an architecture instructor in a state university in Mandaluyong and I taught Blender as part of our requirements for our CAD subject. I have been using Blender 3d for the past 4 years. I opened a 3d tutorial center in Mandaluyong early this year but that was not successful, lack of enrolees mostly. I have also been thinking of putting a studio together using open source software such as gimp and farmer joe as the render farm master program but these have taken a back seat to my current financial situation.

I currently have all the Blender books except the game developers kit and I do have plans of imbibing myself with that as well. I understand that the storyboard challenge is a particularly important start up point for the project. Ayoko ng laro-laro lang.

If there is anyway I could contribute to any part of this project, please get in touch with me through e-mail at I also have a multiply account so maybe some of you guys could critique my work at or at Its mostly architectural and graphics work.

Let's prove to everyone that blender is deeper than it looks and could really blow the doors wide open for Filipino animators interested in CGI. Btw, has anyone ever thought of trying to do this project by compositing? The magellan/lapulapu event could be projected ala 300 by Frank Miller.

If you are based in Manila and are truly serious please get in touch with me at 09178995938. Seriously, I can see by the tone you left at the pinoyblender site that we might be on the same page with this.