Monday, June 14, 2010

Durian: Sintel Render Views

3rd Open Movie Durian: Sintel movie from Blender Foundation

The Durian Team releases new renders from the movie.
here are some few sites, or you may see from the their site - Render Views

(Click the images for full view, image courtesy from Durian: Sintel)
Ton writes:
Just digged this up today from the render farm, a mix of test renders, semi-finals and final-finals. All graphics is potentially being updated still, and certainly will be color graded yet. Thanks to our powerful JUSTACLUSTER™ there’s a lot of re-rendering going on, its a great to be able to tweak so much on the render/lighting stage! Just too bad we are using raytracing so much… render times for final quality go to an hour per 2k frame in several cases. Brecht will look into speedups though!

Anyway, enjoy the graphics, and for those who love to write crits, remember: it ain’t done until the fat lady sings!


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